Tuesday, July 27, 2010

L'oreal Lineur Intense Carbon black!!!

Heard the great raves about this liquid eyeliner so I had to jump in and try it for myself...what can I say...I really expected a lot more. This is my first liquid liner, I tend to go for either pencil liner or cream/gel liners, with that said lets get to the review.

First off, the pigmentation is not the best, I picked up the carbon black because I really wanted this to be jet black..but it's not! It's watery and comes on medium black and I had to do a few layers to get my desired color.

Second..after I applied it, I let it dry to curl my lashes...so sad to say but it came off on my new love which is the Shiseido eye lash curler ( wow!!!) I really wanted to like this eyeliner but it didn't work for me ;(
On to my search for another liquid eyeliner.

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  1. Really? I really like it, but it's not something I go to often, I prefer a gel liner.